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JAAPA Podcast

Nov 7, 2017

The November 2017 episode of the JAAPA Podcast with hosts Kristopher Maday and Adrian Banning features CME articles on chest pain with concomitant left bundle branch block and the non-pharmacologic management of insomnia. Our hosts also discuss substance abuse screening in adolescents, synthetic cannabinoid use, and quick review of DKA. Also, Adrian gives her take on the use of scientific evidence in clinical practice. Plus, Kris keeps it classy with his favorite movie from his college days.



CME Article – Managing Chest Pain in Patient with Concomitant LBBB (4:44)

CME Article - A nonpharmacologic approach to managing insomnia in primary care (9:25)

Review Article – Substance abuse screening in adolescents (17:43)

Review Article – Synthetic cannabinoids (21:57)

Review Article – Efficiently finding and using evidence to guide clinical practice and improve care (25:26)

QRS - DKA (35:50)